So you’ve ventured here to know more about me, well here is a snippet. The art listed here, on OK3MEDIA is a culmination of hard work and dedication. For the most part, I’m a personable, easy going guy with no formal training in art or design, but as you can see, I’m a fast learner. I reside in sunny Florida (Southern US for the international visitors), in a city with no major art studios or art shows whatsoever, but I have a strong affinity for contemporary art & graphic design. For some of my work, the creative process is quite complex while for others, it’s an inspiration driven, dash of the proverbial brush.

The majority of the works you will find here can be used on your desktop. The wallpapers you will find, are quite easy to download and use, what may be tricky is getting the visual styles to work correctly, as they require some additional software to be downloaded for them to function on your desktop. I will write a tutorial shortly on how to incorporate visual styles on your desktop. The tools I use most often for creating my artwork are:

Adobe Illustrator 10
Ulead Photoimpact v7
Adobe Photoshop 6

For Programming:

Microsoft Visual Studio VB.NET & C#

Although I enjoy sharing my works with others for personal use, It is strictly forbidden that you use my work in any compilation, or commercial endeavors. (COPYRIGHT INFO) Please contact me if you would like to commission me for a design project.

– Chris Darwin Palmer

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